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About Us

Team Up IT provides broad IT services to companies with 10 to 100 employees. We specialize in small to medium-sized business that have difficulties developing and maintaining their computer networks. Our services help them control uptime, cost effectiveness, and ensure reliability in their network. We work with them to develop a technology strategy that also meets their company business goals. We ensure they receive the highest return possible on their IT investments.

about us

Team Up IT is a growing corporation in a high-tech environment. We take advantage of the benefits of the digital age and virtual offices to ensure our employees stay connected at all times, and stay connected with you, our clients. We also hold our overhead down by outsourcing our:

  • Payroll/Accounting/Tax Advice and Returns
  • Government Contracting Issues
  • Some External Communications

Team Up IT is NOT your typical outsource IT firm.
Our business model grows only as we grow successful clients. Therefore your needs are ALWAYS first.

We also use top quality experts for advice in law, finance, and contract issues. Why do we tell you this?

Because, first, this business model allows us to reduce our overhead and offer competitive priding and extremely responsive service to you. Not worrying about our overhead means that we focus on helping our clients reach their goals instead.

Second, we want our people spending their time on developing their expertise to provide the highest quality Information Services. Our top management were from companies that were leaders in Total Quality Management. Therefore we work towards continually improving ourselves through our success with our customers and empowering our employees.

We select our employees for their ability to interact with people, and their professional skill set. As you can tell, we want our employees focused on your goals and determined to enhance your IT systems and processes.