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Clients and Affiliates

Our Clients

Team Up IT offers very robust services, and our clients stretch across all industries. Because of the nature of IT, our services work for those in manufacturing, health care, construction, or professional services, or any other industry.

Our high-quality and high-value IT infrastructure services are most valuable to companies with 50 to 100 employees, even those with multiple or remote locations.

Some of the projects that we have worked on are below, and the customer testimonials to the right, which show the quality of our work.

    TRW / Northrop Grumman

  • TeamUpIt's technicians provide a complete solution for TRW/NG's Proposal Operations Department network.

    Partners of the Americas

  • Partners of the Americas is a volunteer organization that coordinates the efforts of citizen volunteers from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the US to improve the lives of people across the hemisphere.

    When it came time for Partners of the Americas to completely overhaul their IT infrastructure, TeamUpIT was chosen to do the work. TeamUpIT succeeded in converting Partners of Americas' entire network and PCs seamlessly practically overnight. TeamUpIT continues to be their network management department.

    Milbank, Tweed, Hadley, and McCloy

  • Milbank, Tweed, Hadley, and McCloy is one of the world's most preeminent global law firms, with over 550 lawyers worldwide.

    With this prestigious law firm, TeamUpIT had the opportunity to really show what we can do. Starting as a simple network management contract, Milbank has expanded their service plan with TeamUpIT to afford themselves and intranet, and complete conversion of the Washington, DC office, including PCs, Operating Systems, Networking Tools and hardware, email, and workflow software. TeamUpIT also provides training and help desk to aid with conversion spool up. TeamUpIT continues to provide solutions for all of Millbank's networking needs.

Affiliates and Partners

In addition to being a Microsoft Certified Partner over the past 11 years, TeamUpIT values partnership as a tool to bring our clients the best experience and reputation that we can to our clients. Below is a list of our current partners.

    Business Affiliates

  • Microsoft
  • Novell
  • PatriotNet
  • Checkpoint
  • Cisco Systems
  • Internet Security Systems

    Community Partners

  • Northern Virginia Technology Council
  • The Outsourcing Institute
  • The Greater Washington Board of Trade
  • ITAA
  • Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
  • Reston Chamber of Commerce


"Hey it went well, he got everything resolved and the printers are working again! Yay. Thanks for getting everything organized so quickly and efficiently!"

- JP Designs

"TeamUpIT absolutely delivered on the responsiveness requirement we needed. They have always exceeded all Service Level agreement response times on a consistent basis."

- Owner, Accounting Firm

"On a monthly basis, TeamUpIT was able to help us reduce our IT costs by an average of 20%-30%. However, this does not take into account the additional cost reduction from our remote locations. Remote locations with a handful of users were establishing independent relationships with IT vendors, and thus paying even more - or going unserviced for their problems. TeamUpIT's ability to remotely monitor our systems significantly reduced the cost of human visits and support for these remote locations."

- CEO, Professional Services and Business Consultants

"Over a period of months and through a series of site visits, TeamUpIT helped provide us with a 'state of the IT system' assessment of the issues that we faced. We knew what we had was working okay, but also realized that we needed more if we ever wanted to grow. TeamUpIT was able to identify several key problems:

  • our server was extremely exposed and could go down at anytime
  • some of our equipment was too hold to support the requirements of IT
  • our locations and structure was not sufficiently supported by the IT environment
  • TeamUpIT prepared a strategic plan to rollout and invest in the upgrade of our IT and hardware footprint that matched our budget and business needs. They even helped us in presenting it to the executive committee.

This effort provided us with a CIO level assessment and plan without having to make the huge, and completely unaffordable, investment in hiring our own in-house CIO level resource.

- President, Medical Office and Clinic

"In the course of mapping our IT and hardware infrastructure, TeamUpIT also helped me to map the requirements of the business to the IT requirements, something that I was lacking with my current IT team. For instance, the suggestion that we install a VPN helped to increase the security of our system, increase collaboration among the sites, and decrease the cost of site visits for remote locations. This also allowed us to host our own email, again reducing costs and increasing security. Before TeamUpIT, I saw IT simply as a cost center, but now they have made me realize, and utilize, IT as a critical component in profit generation!"

- President & CEO, Heavy Volume Manufacturing Company