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Our Solutions

solutionsA healthy business environment depends critically on an efficient computer network. A well-designed network provides business efficiencies and improved information only contribute to the bottom line. However, as networks have become more complicated, more monitoring and management is necessary.

Team Up IT builds management systems that allow either your system administrator or our Network Management Center to monitor and alert you to possible problems before they take the system down. Most networks suffer from insufficient maintenance and support, which leads to both minor and major problems. We specialize in taking such networks and restoring them to their full capacity, resulting in them being both faster and more reliable.

The Process

Team Up IT first performs an assessment of your current needs, but also plans for your needs as your business grows. We then plan our IT and network architecture so it fulfills the immediate requirements, but can expand easily when needed.

managed services

Maintenance Services

Once the network is in place and operating at its peak, Team Up IT maintains the system by becoming a system administrator. This is all done virtually, which means we can remotely manage your IT structure, so there is no waiting for a service person.

Continuing Support

Team Up IT provides 24-7 help desk support. We are there to answer your calls, whether it is about how to create labels in Microsoft Word, or whether your laptop computer died in the middle of a presentation. We take your call and solve your problem.

customer support
backup and recovery

Backup and Recovery Services

Your complete network is backed up daily by Team Up IT to ensure that none of your vital information is lost. If something were to happen, however, Team Up IT can get your files back and have your network back up quickly.

Network Management

We take care of all aspects of network management for you. Our comprehensive network tools allow Team Up IT to monitor performance across the network and find and isolate faults so problems can be solved before they become critical.

network management
project and application

Project Management and Application Development

If you have an application that you are developing, we can offer project management and our development support to ensure the project releases on time. We do this either in partnership with your IT staff or using only or staff.